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Why We Do It


Because engagement at work matters and is contagious…

Employee engagement is not only an individual-level concept but is also an organizational and a behavioral level construct. Using organizational assessment, employee engagement and organizational network analysis tools, we assess how system dynamics, such as organizational communication and behavioral patterns interact with and influence the level of employee engagement in one person, one department, or throughout your organization.

Because engagement shows up at multiple levels: individual, group, leadership, organizational, and global levels…

People adopt different levels of commitment to their job and to their organization based on their engagement level. Based on our research, we know how to positively increase your own work engagement and your organization’s level of engagement. This results in increased productivity and health throughout your organization. Work is accomplished smoothly and problems are assessed and resolved rapidly.

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“Work is a very serious matter in almost all respects, whether it is work with in the shelter of our home or work in the big, wide, dangerous world. Through work, human beings earn for themselves and their families, make a difficult world habitable, and with imagination, create some meaning from what they do and how they do it” David Whyte

Here are what others said about why they feel engaged with their jobs and their messages to you…

“I believe in the future and future is coming faster than we realize. So why not do something for our kids before it’s too late. I guess this is why I dedicate myself to my work with children. It is now time to quit being selfish, and let go of the past and start to create a new future.” Educational Psychologist, Barcelona, Spain

“I desire for my work to always be in a dynamic tension with my unquenchable passion for life. This means continuing to learn how to critique, accept, and create with an awareness of both flux and grace all around me. I can’t wait!” Philosopher

“I love teaching art to children. I strive for a process-based, open-ended environment that encourages the development of their creativity.” Art Teacher, Brooklyn, NY.

“I believe in happiness. I would like to be happy with myself and with my life. In order to maintain that you need to ask yourself each day “What does make me happy?” What makes you happy will make people around you happy as well. That’s the greatest one. Love from lonely and beautiful country.” Post Production Supervisor, İstanbul, Turkey.

“Express undaunted, what I feel within my soul. I feel inspired to contribute in bringing something positive in this world. To help create an environment that is conducive to empowerment and self realization.” Information Architect, Integral Coaching Trainee, Portland, Oregon.

“My quality of life would be reduced without a camera, computer, and photoshop in order to explore and document my complex, always elusive and ever challenging mental, emotional and spiritual exploration. I am energized by participatingly experiencing new people, places and things, but I need to balance this time connecting with others with time alone in order to decompress and recharge.” Photographer, San Francisco, CA

“No matter how big or small it is, I like to see myself accomplishing things.  I can push myself through rough patches. At the beginning there will be certain difficulties. It won’t be very much fun but once we get going, in the end the result will be very interesting.” Software Engineer, Silicon Valley, CA

“When I think about what I did today, I want to feel satisfied” Hospitality Industry, San Diego, CA