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Employee Engagement





As an engaged employee:

  • you find meaning in what you do, and
  • you bring your full potential to work with energy.

It affects how you show up at work.

Engaged employees result in better performance, collaborative relationships, and committed participation.




NetworkDrawingIn today’s organizations, we are a part of a web of relationships within, across, between, and among many teams and organizations.  It is not enough to encourage our employees to become more engaged with their jobs, but we also need to acknowledge the importance of the engagement with each other, to the organization, and to the community and the rest of the world.

People adopt different levels of commitment to their job and to their organization based on their engagement level. Based on our research, we know how to positively increase your organization’s level of engagement. This results in increased productivity and health throughout your organization. Work is accomplished smoothly and problems are assessed and resolved rapidly.


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Results of Employee Engagement Intervention

  • Employee Well-being & Attract Talent
  • Higher Productivity & Higher Efficiency
  • Improved Morale & Employee Retention
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Environmental Alignment

Sample Survey Questions

  • When I work, I feel full of energy
  • I (or My colleagues and I) am asked for input when a decision is made
  • I can persuade decision makers
  • The mission/purpose of my company makes me feel my work is important

High & Low Engagement Analysis

The best practice is having a strategy
The most engaged employee:
  • Has a strategy to continuously improve work and environment
  • Thinks that the strategy is doable
  • Takes an action to make it happen (self training, increasing knowledge, talking to others, focusing efforts)


The least engaged employee:

  • Does not have a strategy
  • Thinks that nothing will help
  • No action is taken to become more engaged

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