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The intent of our coaching process is to guide you towards greater connection to and understanding of what you really want to do in your life, and in your work. Incorporating drama and expressive arts, in the process, we will focus on integrating more of your strengths into your life and transforming old narratives. As the process unfolds, you will start exploring how to fully integrate your passion into your day to day life with balance and joy.

Although we may start with or engage in a specific area of inquiry in your life, the aim is not to work on just one topic. From the beginning we will start uncovering your greatest passions and motivators and look for ways to foster them. As you go through the process, you may:

  • become more sensitive to the areas where awareness is necessary, and
  • develop a capacity to creatively clarify and resolve areas of conflict in your professional and personal life.


In the first session, we will decide what you want to focus on in the coming weeks. We will design a coaching program that fits your needs and goals. Though it will depend on you, we have seen that it usually takes five to seven sessions for a client to acquire the skills and the capacity for action to achieve their goals.

Reach out to us to schedule a free 20 minute consultation, 45 minute coaching session and/or to learn more about our coaching practices.

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“I highly recommend Nermin as a life/business coach. She is one of the most insightful person and a great teacher I have ever met. She is great to work with and I had a wonderful experience; she helped me see the bigger picture of what is important in my life by having me engage in activities that would explore my needs and desires.” Nur Sağlam, Entrepreneur, Co-Owner at Atalanta Financial

“Nermin helped me gain clarity on what I truly desired out of my life when I was at a critical turning point in my life. I appreciated her guidance and tools of introspection both of which, helped create an outline of the goals and manageable tasks I needed to take. She did all this with creativity, encouragement and positive support.” Lizette P. Oakland, CA