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We have extensive services in qualitative, quantitative or mixed-method research design and implementation.

  • Do you have a research idea and want to work with professional researchers to investigate your question?
  • Do you want to create a validated assessment tool?
  • Did you conduct a survey as a practitioner and do you want help analyzing your statistical data?
  • Are you a graduate student and feel lost in your statistical data, and not sure how to make sense of it or how to present it?
  • Do you need help consultation for conducting interviews or analyzing qualitative data?
  • Do you need help consultation creating a survey?

You are in the right place.  We offer services from basic research needs to large-scope full cycle research projects.

Reach out to us for more information.


“Nermin’s skill, attention to detail, and ability to look at data from multiple points of view enriched the overall findings of my research. It is a pleasure to collaborate with Bring Your Passion to Work!”
Gabrielle Donnelly, Social Research and Innovation


Qualitative Research

qualitative_research-640x450Qualitative research is an umbrella term that includes several philosophical, and theoretical orientations such as basic qualitative research, narrative inquiry, grounded theory, phenomenological research, ethnography, etc. What these types of qualitative research have in common is the search for meaning and understanding, as well as the use of the researcher as an instrument of data collection and analysis. This inductive analysis supports a product with rich descriptions of the phenomenon which in the process persuades the reader of the trustworthiness of the findings.

We can design and implement your qualitative research from scratch or support you in small segments such as consulting you with your design, drafting your interview questions or helping you analyze your qualitative data.

Quantitative / Statistical Research


Quantitative research is a systematic empirical investigation of observable phenomena via statistical, mathematical or computational techniques.

In social research, these methods could be used to describe variables; to examine relationships among variables; to determine cause-and-effect interactions between variables.

We can take your research idea as a base, do literature review and design the best suited quantitative research to address your inquiry question.  If this is a mixed method research, based on the qualitative findings, we create a comprehensive survey to (1) validate qualitative data, and/or (2) to further investigate your inquiry question.

We create your survey, post it online (we use a secure online platform to collect your data), and once your data is  collected, we use statistical analysis and data visualization softwares to analyze your data.


We present your qualitative and/or qualitative research results in an password protected web-platform so it is easy for you to navigate, to review and to share your  research with your colleagues.

Contact us for an introductory meeting today.